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Swimming pool season has arrived, and that means sunny afternoons by the pool and long, summer days swimming and relaxing outdoors with friends.

To make the most of your time beside our waterfront pool in Virginia Beach, VA, it’s important to stay safe and be courteous to others.

Making sure to supervise children, wear sunblock, maintain distance from others outside of your group and avoid bringing glass to the pool deck can help you and your neighbors swim more safely and peacefully.

Here are swimming pool etiquette and safety tips to help you make this your best swimming pool season yet!

Supervise Children
When you bring children to the pool, it’s important to supervise them at all times. Even when a lifeguard is on duty, keep your eyes on your child while they swim, and take them with you if you need to visit the restroom or leave the pool area. It’s equally important to begin investing in swim lessons as early as possible for children and any beginner swimmers in your life. Living in Virginia Beach, VA means being surrounded by water, and knowing how to swim is crucial.

Save Your Skin
If you plan to spend any length of time at the pool, make sure you apply sunscreen. When swimming, you’ll want to reapply every two hours to prevent sunburn. Even on slightly overcast days, the Virginia Beach sun can wreak havoc on your skin if you aren’t protected. Save your skin and wear sunblock!

Maintain Distance/Be Courteous to Others
Be courteous to others at the pool, and maintain distance both outside and inside the pool. Avoid crowding others while swimming and horseplay is strictly not allowed. Maintaining space from others is important to preventing any spread of Covid 19, but it is also important to swimming safety.

Avoid Swimming & Drinking
If you decide to enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine by the pool, it’s best to do so when you are no longer swimming and are not in charge of supervising anyone swimming. While a cool drink in the afternoon sun can be refreshing to have with friends, drinking and swimming can be a dangerous combination. Approximately 10-30% of all drowning deaths are estimated to be alcohol related. Stay safe, and don’t drink and swim.

No Glass
Keep glass off the sun deck or near the pool at all times, and the bare feet around you will thank you. If glass breaks inside the pool, you can expect the pool to close as it is cleaned to prevent injury or harm to other patrons. Stick to plastic or stainless steel, and drink safely.