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Moving is stressful, no matter how much of a minimalist you are or how short your move may be. The business of packing, moving and unpacking your belongings, pets and other family members requires work, and oftentimes a lot of it.

To help you simplify your process, speed things along, save money and move more efficiently, we’ve compiled 10 moving tips that will make the biggest impact on your moving day. Whether it’s choosing your moving date wisely or ensuring that you arrive at your new apartment home with your essentials readily available, there are simple ways to streamline your move and help reduce your stress along the way.

Here are our favorite moving tips to help make this your best move yet.

Find free boxes at recycling drop off locations or local ABC, wine or grocery stores. Save money right at the start by seeking out free boxes in the sizes you’ll need. Visit your nearby ABC store, your local recycling center or wine and beer shop. Even grocery stores and large retailers often get deliveries each week, and are usually happy to pass their boxes along.

Schedule a donation pickup. Save yourself time and money by packing up the items you no longer need or use and donating them. Make sure to get a receipt for your donations, as you’ll be able to write those off when tax season rolls around.

Get moving quotes from 2-3 moving companies. When getting quotes from moving companies, make sure to get at least two or three different quotes to compare. You’ll be surprised at what a large difference in cost moving companies charge. Some companies offer incentives if this is your first move with their company, while others can give you added guarantees for transport of your fragile or precious items.

Schedule a mid-week, mid-month move to save money. As a rule of thumb, most moving companies charge less if you schedule your move in the middle of the week and in the middle of the month. You will pay more for trying to schedule your move on the last saturday of the month, and you might encounter more traffic and difficulty in finding parking for your movers once you arrive.

Color code moving boxes to make sure they end up placed in the correct rooms. Help speed your move along and stay organized by color coding your boxes with post its or colored washi tape. This way, when it’s time to unpack, your boxes will already be placed in their correct rooms, saving you from lifting and moving countless boxes around your home.

Pack heavy items in small boxes. Avoid loading down large boxes with an entire shelf of hardback books, as these can be both dangerous to lift and at risk for being dropped or breaking. Use smaller boxes to pack books or other heavy items in your home. Save the large boxes for lighter items.

Use pillows, blankets and sheets to stuff boxes with fragile items. Rather than pack boxes of sheets, pillows and blankets, use these items as packaging material and save money along the way. Layer picture frames and other decor in between thick blankets or small throw pillows, keeping your breakables protected and your unpacking easier.

Have cash on hand to tip movers. In the hustle and bustle of moving day, it’s easy to forget to bring cash to tip your movers. Grab cash the day before you move, and keep it readily available to tip when your movers are finished.

Pack a moving day essentials box. Make sure you pack a box of essentials to keep with you for easy access on your moving day. You’ll want to include important documents, pet food, medications, wine and beer openers, a small stash of dish ware, bottled water, snacks and changes of clothes.

Make plans for pets and small children on the day of your move. Plan to have your pets and young children cared for away from your move on moving day, to keep them safe and separated from the chaos of moving.