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The key to working successfully from home is creating a functional workspace and developing good habits to help you stay on track and maximize your productivity. Many employers are learning that working from home can be as, if not more, productive than working in an office, depending on the work you do.

As the pandemic carries on, more and more employees and their employers are choosing to work from home indefinitely, and searching for ways to make their home workspaces truly work for them. Here are simple tips designed to help you craft a work environment at home that is both comfortable and functional, and can sustain your professional and personal life goals as you move ahead.

Comfort Matters
Whether you’re in your office or at home, you need a space that is both comfortable and easy to work in. Pick up an ergonomic chair to sit in or invest in a stand up desk. Make sure you have good lighting, a quiet space of your own and you can move around freely when you need to. Decorate in ways that encourage your happiness and productivity. Place plants near to your work area, use scented diffusers or invest in serious desk storage that will keep your workstation clear.

Distraction-Free Zone
Working from home can be extremely productive, and studies have shown that for many workers, a work from home environment dramatically  increases their productivity. Part of the reasoning for this is being free from distractions in the office, but it’s good to remember that working from home can come with its own distractions as well. Try to maximize your focus in your work area by keeping your workspace as tidy and organized as possible. If you have kids home too, it may be hard to eliminate distractions completely, but try to create a schedule that allows you to work continuously without interruption as needed. You might find that you get more done and in less time – a win-win for you and your employer!

Stock Up
Make sure you have the office supply products you need to do your job well and without interruption. Be sure you have a solid internet connection, scanning and printing capabilities and a filing system to help you stay organized. You may find you need to upgrade your computer’s camera or invest in better lighting for long days on Zoom. Investing in a desk and comfortable chair may be necessary, too.

Functional Furnishings
For smaller spaces, setting up a work from home space may require investing in transitional furnishings that can be used for your work area during the day and your personal life at night. It may be worth investing in a standup desk that can be placed over your dining room table, rather than spending money on a heavy, oversized desk that won’t fit properly into your space. You may find that a low profile desk that attaches to the wall is your perfect fit, and gives you a designated space without limiting your space. Evaluate your apartment, room by room, before choosing which furnishings to adjust or modify. Be sure that whatever you do maximizes your productivity and keeps your living spaces functional and comfortable.

Mix It Up
One of the perks of working from home is that you can be flexible with your work space, and mix it up when you need a mental or physical change. If appropriate, take brainstorming calls with your team while on a brisk walk. When you have to dive deep into research, close yourself off in a spare bedroom or walk-in closet to block out all distractions. Keep your work area flexible and movable, so that you can adjust and adapt to your daily and weekly needs.