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Spring weather is beckoning us outdoors with comfortable temperatures and longer, sunny days. It’s the perfect time of year to make the most of your patio space, so you can soak up the best of spring, summer and even fall outdoors.

You don’t have to go big to transform your patio space into an inviting oasis. With the right furniture and accessories, your patio can be ready for dining al fresco or savoring saturday morning sunrises in no time.

Textiles and Plush Decor
A bright, colorful rug, a few throw pillows and plush floor poufs can instantly bring a patio space to life. You’ll want to be sure that you choose a rug designed for outdoor use, and choose pillows made of fabric that can withstand the elements. Even your pouf should be able to handle high humidity and be easily cleaned after a good pollen drop.

Brighten Up Your Lighting
If you plan to enjoy your patio well into the evening hours, you’ll need to think about how to light it up in the dark. String lights, purchase large LED lanterns or even a small, sturdy lamp. Avoid using actual candles or other flammable items, as these can be dangerous to have in an uncontained space.

Abundant Seating
You want to be able to relax and enjoy your patio space, and that means inviting friends and family members to join you, from time to time. Invest in seating that can accommodate up to four people, and don’t be afraid to choose floor pillows or soft ottomans if space is an issue.

Multifunctional Furniture
To keep your patio from getting cluttered, choose furniture that can serve multiple functions, like an ottoman that can be a side table or a seat. Ottomans that come with storage inside can help you to store your throw pillows when inclement weather approaches. Modular couches and sectionals can be moved around to create various social settings, depending on your crowd.

Go Gaga for Greenery
Wrap up your patio design by investing in plant life that will add both texture and life to your space. Hang plants or place standing plants in empty corners. If your space can accommodate a small plant shelf, go for it. Decorate with succulents and hardy plants that will add to your space without adding to your workload.