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After months of searching, you’ve finally found the apartment of your dreams. As your move becomes imminent, it’s time to start planning and preparing what items you’ll need to have at the ready when you move into your new home.

You already know you’ll need a bed, places to sit and pet supplies, but there are several must-have items that will make your first few weeks in your new apartment easier, brighter and lighter.

Even if you aren’t handy, having a toolkit at the ready will be important during your move in, if you have items to hang or last minute furnishings that must be put together. A first aid kit is also an essential for any home, and having a thorough stash of cleaning supplies will also be important and useful.

As you prepare for your exciting new move to sunny Virginia Beach, make sure to pack these must-have items to ensure that you can move in and make the most of your new life at The Pearl.

Unless you’re extra handy with tools, your toolkit doesn’t need more than the basics: hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, level and measuring tape.

Basic Kitchen Supplies
Don’t make the mistake of moving into your new apartment without a plate to eat on or a glass to drink from! Even if you rarely cook, you’ll still want to keep a few, basic kitchen supplies handy at home, including, silverware, glassware, plates, bowls, baking sheet, cookware, spatula and large spoon. A coffee maker, can opener and wine or beer opener won’t hurt, either!

First Aid Kit
Having a first aid handy will make all the difference when you need it. Make sure that your first aid is stocked with bandages, neosporin, ibuprofen, alcohol pads and gauze, for starters.

Cleaning Supplies
Before you move in, you’ll want to have hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent packed and ready to move in with you for those first days at home. Once you’re settled in, you’re going to want to clean, and that means having handy all-purpose cleaner, sponges, broom, vacuum, mop and dusting supplies.

Storage Containers & Wall Hooks
Once you’ve moved in, you’re going to want to find places to put all of your precious belongings. Even if you have all the closet space in the world, it’s likely that there will be items that you’ll want to “store,” including holiday decor, seasonal bedding, linens, clothing and accessories and family heirlooms. Make sure to pick up storage containers that can slide easily under your bed or stack neatly at the back of your closet, to keep items stored properly and neatly. Don’t forget to pick up a variety of styles of wall hooks to hang coats, scarves and dog leashes.

Power Strips
Pick up a power strip and surge protector to have handy for your high tech electronics, television or game system or home office to make sure you can move in and plug in!

Extra Lighting
If lighting is important to you, it’s likely that you prefer to have more than overhead lighting in your living room and bedroom. You may want to pick up a floor lamp or a couple of table lamps to help you set the specific mood you prefer. After all, lighting is everything!

Personal Touches
Once you have the essentials, it’s time to make sure you have the items you love, including your personal touches that make your apartment really feel like home. Hang your treasured artwork, place framed photos on tables and ledges and decorate with potted plants and colorful quilts, blankets and throws. After all, home is where your heart and your most treasured belongings live.

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