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Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a weekend warrior, you know the importance of moving your body in ways that feel good, all year long. When your front door is just blocks from the beach, hiking trails and bike-able roads, it’s easy to get your sweat style on pretty much whenever you want.

Virginia Beach is a hub of fabulous fitness, yoga and cycling studios (and that doesn’t include our state of the art, 24/7 on site fitness facility with the latest in digital fitness technology). Just five minutes away, you can warm up cold winter days in a hot yoga class, spin session or jogging along sunny trails. When summer heat breaks out, take your cardio burn to the beach, for early morning runs along the Chesapeake Bay or evening walks as the sun sets on the horizon.

Finding your perfect fitness style is fun, especially when you live this close to some of the hottest trends in fitness and yoga in our region. Here are just a few ways you can get your sweat on 365 days a year when you come home to The Pearl.

Virginia Beach is home to the region’s most diverse and highly-rated yoga styles and studios in the region. Just minutes from our front door are all-service yoga studios like Studio Bamboo, and a few miles down the road are a number of hot yoga studios for those who like to find their zen while they sweat.

It only takes driving to our community once to see how many locals take advantage of surrounding bike trails, bike-able roadways and a solid community of cyclists. Whether you prefer to bike through the trails in First Landing State Park, prepare for a triathalon or race with a team of like-minded cyclists or simply hop on your cruiser for relaxing rides after work, you can do it all when you live at The Pearl.

Virginia Beach has an enormous running and hiking community, anchored by local race organizers, J&A Racing. Easy to access running and hiking trails make it easier than ever to walk to the entrance of First Landing State Park for a quick 4 miles or jog the beach before a Friday night out on the town. If you can run it, you can probably hike it, and exploring the natural landscapes in our coastal community is a favorite pastime of many walkers and hiking fanatics, alike.

Fitness On Demand
While you may want to take advantage of our city’s beautiful weather and gorgeous views, when you want to get a serious workout in on your own time without having to leave home, you can do it in a cinch in our state of the art fitness center with on demand fitness and the latest in on-the-go and digital fitness.

If you’d rather ride a bike that’s stationary, you’re in good luck in Virginia Beach. We’re just minutes away from cycling studios, including highly-rated Tidal Wheel, which is a ten minute drive from our parking lot.