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Moving to a new apartment with your dog is an exciting time, as you set up your home to give you both the comfort and space you need. Finding ways to keep your apartment tidy and clean will be good news for both you and your pet, as it helps to keep your flooring, furniture and apartment in good shape.

Keeping your apartment clean with a dog, particularly a dog that sheds a lot, can seem tricky. With a few tried and true tips, you can keep your pup from tracking in dirt and debris and prevent his dander from building up on every surface in your home. Simply covering your furniture, investing in a robot vacuum and wiping down his paws after sandy or muddy beach walks will go a long way to keep your floors and couches clean.

Here are 5 tips for keeping your apartment clean with a dog.

Cover Your Furniture
While some dog owners don’t allow their pups on their furniture, many love to snuggle and cozy up to their fur babies on the couch. Most dogs shed, and some dogs shed more than others. If you don’t keep your furniture covered, you’re bound to end up with a layer of dander on your couches, chairs and bedding. Grab a few old sheets and cover the areas your pet chooses to cozy up in most. You won’t have to spend any extra cash, and you can easily wash and reuse to keep your apartment clean and dander-free.

Roomba for the Win
Depending on your dog’s breed and coat, he can grow to be a major shedder – leaving dog hair everywhere he goes. It can be exhausting to keep up with shedding by using a handheld vacuum, but a robot vacuum can get after their fur with little effort on your part. Invest in a Roomba and consider running it once a day, particularly if you have a dog that sheds often. It’ll save you time and elbow grease, and keep your apartment from becoming overloaded with dust and dander.

Invest in Rugs
Rugs can be really helpful for older dogs who are already house trained. They provide traction for their feet and make it easier for you to keep floors from becoming scratched and dirty. Smaller, washable rugs are especially useful, as you can pick them up and throw them in the wash any time your pup tracks in dirt or they become covered in pet hair. Avoid investing in anything expensive or high maintenance, though. The lower maintenance and easier to clean, the better.

Trim Your Pup’s Nails
Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is important to his healthcare routine, and it will go a long way to help prevent your floors from becoming scratched up. You should aim to keep his nails trimmed short, but not too short. This will help him to walk better and prevent his nails from snagging on carpet or rugs. Overall, he’ll feel better when his nails are trimmed properly, and so will you and your flooring!

Wash His Feet After Walks
Your pup loves to romp in the sand, dirt and grass, and taking long walks together is good for both of you. Dogs can track in a ton of the outdoors on their paws. If you and your dog walk frequently or during rainy seasons, it can be an uphill battle to prevent dirt and debris from ending up all over your apartment. Rather than cut back on walks, rinse or wipe down your pup’s feet before he comes through your front door – especially after walks on the beach or after heavy rain.