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Houseplants add color, texture and style to every room in your apartment. They also clean impurities from the air we breathe and act as a mood-booster and stress-reducer.

Even if you don’t have much experience caring for plants, there are several varieties that can thrive with minimal care. If your work has gone virtual due to the pandemic, it’s likely you’re spending more time at home than ever before. Spruce up your living spaces with any one of these beautiful, easy-to-maintain houseplants.

These low maintenance, easy to care for plants can live just about anywhere. They look especially beautiful in a bathroom or office space, and can thrive in spaces with lower light. They can also be placed in brighter lit spaces, and grow well in both water or soil. Even those with zero plant care experience can celebrate keeping a pothos plant alive and thriving at home.

The Philodendron plant is a go-to, low maintenance houseplant that is as lovely to look at as it is hard to kill. Hang them from baskets, weave their long tendrils across your mantle or place them anywhere you like – chances are, they’ll survive. They can thrive in any light and just need regular watering when their soil becomes dry.

Jade Plant
Jade plants are bright and beautiful, and require little to no maintenance to help them thrive. They prefer bright light and occasional watering, and otherwise will grow happily on their own. These plants look beautiful in windows, as table centerpieces, on side tables or anywhere that their bold leaves can have a spotlight in your home.

FIddle Leaf Fig
Fiddle leaf fig plants are extremely popular for their beautiful leaves and bold green coloring. These plants require bright light, so they’ll need to be placed near to a window. They also need to be watered just after their soil turns dry. These are somewhat higher maintenance plants, but do not be deterred. If you follow their care instructions properly, they can grow and expand beautifully.

Spider Plant
A longtime favorite in both homes and offices, the spider plant is a low maintenance plant that requires indirect light. These plants look gorgeous in hanging planters or on pedestals placed in those empty corners of your rooms. You can water them inconsistently, or just when their soil begins to feel dry.