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While social distancing measures remain in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus in our state and across the world, there are still ways to get out, move around and make the most of your beach-front lifestyle.

Life at the Pearl means stepping outside your door to numerous bike paths, walking and jogging trails, easy beach access and time on the water, fishing, paddle boarding and boating. The good news is that all of these activities can be done while maintaining a distance of 6 feet between you and others, making them ideal ways to get out and play during these unprecedented times.

Getting outside, soaking up sunshine and breathing fresh air are all important ways to help boost your immune system and elevate your mood. Spending time outside and moving your body in ways that you love are beneficial to both your mental and physical health.

Here are 5 easy ways to get out and play in Virginia Beach during social distancing.

Bike Rides
While social distancing does require that you keep a distance of at least 6 feet between you and others, that should be relatively easy to do while out cruising on your bike. Virginia Beach is filled with bike paths, trails and a wide and open boardwalk, all perfect places for you to get out and soak up sunshine on two wheels.

Jog on the Beach
Let’s face it-quarantine is hard, and losing access to your close family members, your normal, daily routines and life as you knew it can cause stress, anxiety and even trigger depression. Give your body much needed endorphins and a mood boost, by heading out to jog for even 10-15 minutes at a time. You can jog comfortably and freely on the beach while keeping a safe distance from others, and you’ll get the added benefits of breathing fresh, salty ocean air.

As spring warms into summer, you can comfortably head into the water, and we live just steps from it. Grab your stand up paddle board and hit the bay or inlet for an afternoon paddle. You can expect to get a good workout and enjoy the calming effect of spending time out on the quiet water.

Go Fishing
Fishing enthusiasts do not have to sacrifice a fresh catch for covid restrictions. You can safely fish while maintaining 6 feet between yourself and others. Bring a friend to join you in your distanced fish game, or head out on your own. Virginia Beach has loads of fishing spots, including commercial fishing boat charters that can head out into deep water for avid fisher folk.

Hit the Trails
As the temperatures begin to heat up, you may find that your outdoor activities feel better in the shade of state parks and the many area hiking, biking, walking and jogging trails available to you. First Landing Park is within walking distance from your front door, and it features shaded, wooded trails for miles and miles. Spot unusual birds, catch a glimpse of beautiful plant life and occasionally run into a wild critter, while you’re at it!