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There’s no doubt that most of us have spent more time at home in 2020 than ever before. While staying home during Covid 19 has come with its challenges, it has also given us a chance to put renewed energy into our living spaces, giving them extra love and attention with decorative touches that help to make them truly feel like home.

As the year comes to a close, we’re highlighting living room design ideas that inspire, from textured furnishings and 3D living room art to enormous rugs and accent walls. As we enter a new year, making your space feel like your own and letting your creativity flow has never been more important.

Here are simple, stylish and truly inspired living room design ideas we love.

Go Big on Your Rug
No matter what size living space you have to work with, go big on your rug size to help visually enlarge the space and bring together your design motif. Choose to go wall to wall or just large enough to contain your seating area, and you’ll find that it truly does give your space a warm, spacious effect.

3D Living Room Art
Who says living room art has to be as basic as framed prints hung squarely on the wall? 3D living room art can help to add dimension to your living space without having to break your bank account. We’re especially fond of stylish living room mobiles and bold light fixtures that act as works of art.

Embrace Texture
Texture is the new black when it comes to living room spaces, and we’re loving the way that bamboo, rattan, travertine stone and other textured furnishings are making a major design comeback. Adding texture furnishings to your room can give your space a subtle warming effect, no matter what overall design motif you choose.

Accent Walls for the Win
Adding an accent wall is a simple way to give your living room space color, dimension and style, without having to lug furniture around and commit to a major design change. We’re loving accent walls in dark colors like navy blue or gray for creating a bold contrast in bright, airy living room spaces.